Two friends brought together by a tactile, creative outlet and an interest in the medicinal—and magical—uses of plants. A shared belief in the cathartic power of scent. That's where the Hex story began. 

Sam Alviani and Kate Miller had been making candles for years before Hex was born: as longtime friends, they found solace and satisfaction through the ritual of candlemaking and the burning of candles themselves.

They loved the intuitive and experimental nature of playing with scents that, when blended, poured, and lit, created experiences. Their shared interest in herbalism imbued each candle with intention and well-being. What they made became a catalogue of their lives, marked by their needs of the moment—jasmine for fighting depression and spiritual stimulation; spruce for calm and emotional healing; and vetiver for finding sensuality and the attraction of luck, to name a few. 

When a friend asked them to sell candles at a local pop-up market, they poured dozens of candles—and promptly sold out. Many, many pounds of wax later, they launched under the moniker Hex: candles for everyday witches, made by everyday witches. 

Founded in Denver, the Hex team lives in Denver, and escapes to New Orleans—a city where magic and inspiration exist in daily life—as often as they can. 

The Hex mission is grounded in creating a small, self-care ritual for everyday witches.